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Desert Driving

April 9 – April 17

We drove west from Taos, through northwest New Mexico and southeast Utah. The drive through this part of the country is really wild. You drive forever and it is incredibly flat and windy. Then, all of a sudden there is an epic canyon or rock formation. You’ll have miles and miles of tan and then its a deep orangey-red. We bounced through, just staying at each place one night or so. There is a lot of land available for free camping through the Bureau of Land Management. Free is amazing, but can also be a smidge creepy. We’ve developed a helpful measurement when assessing if a camping spot is safe or not. We simply ask “How murder-y does this feel?”.

So far, so good.

After a week or so of dry camping, we moved to an RV park on Lake Powell for a few days. To our surprise, it was an international tourist hot spot. Truly, I think 30 countries must have been represented. The Grand Canyon is close-by, so it kind of serves as a stop over. It was still pretty cold, so more sweaters by the lake than swimming in the lake. It worked for us for us to get caught up on some work and laundry and what not. We also really wanted to visit Antelope Canyon, a privately-owned slot canyon. You climb down a steep set of steps to the narrow floor. The light and the shadows in this canyon were CRAZY. I assumed the photos we saw before going in person had been edited a bit for dramatic effect. Nope, it looks like that.

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