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Phoenix & Sedona

April 17 – April 29

After a lot of remote living, we decided a city was in order. We stayed in an amazing campground full of saguaro cacti in Mesa. Seeing city lights in the distance felt very comforting. If I had to choose between a walk down a dark city alley or a walk in a wide open valley at night, I’d take the alley anyday. I definitely enjoyed our stint in the wild, but the change was welcomed.

Being able to switch so frequently between rural and urban has been a fun experiment. As soon as you are sick of the quiet or the traffic, you can switch! Phoenix was exactly what we needed, but after a few days the season flipped from crisp desert weather to OVEN. We also saw a giant rattlesnake on a dog walk, so we packed up and headed to Sedona. The secret is definitely out – Sedona is beautiful and full of visitors. One side of the town feels like the southwest with orange soil, open spaces and rock formations and the other side was a pine forest. After so much time in the desert, we went for the pine forest. We stayed in a tree-filled campground 20 minutes from town. On some of the more popular desert-side of town hikes, tour groups ride in hot pink jeeps down the wide trails. This is kind of obnoxious and really freaked the dogs out, so we hiked closer to where were staying. The hikes were beautiful and basically empty, but also vertical. The town is a little kitschy, but we found a great sushi place, washed the truck, watched Cool Hand Luke and really enjoyed our peaceful campground.

After a taste of warmer weather in Phoenix and Sedona, we decided we wanted to fit in a few more weeks of crisp weather, so we headed north.

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