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White Sands

March 26 – March 30

White Sands is rather remote. We stayed in nearby Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, half an hour away from the park. Going to White Sands was really the only thing on the agenda during our stay, so we went twice! A mid-day and sunset stroll. White Sands just pops out of nowhere thanks to an ancient sea, very old lake, and the elements breaking down gypsum into beautiful sand dunes. We loved our time walking the dunes with the pups during the day, but our sunset trip was the highlight. The shadows and light were completely breathtaking. Surprisingly, there weren’t that many people there. We wandered the dunes, practiced some tricks and took a seat for a top-notch sunset.

After leaving White Sands, we drove to a lake near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. T or C is a tiny town with hot springs and a Flintstone’s themed bowling alley. So, I guess what else do you need? We rung in my birthday and our anniversary with those action-packed activities. We stayed in Elephant Butte State Park on a hill overlooking the mountains and lake. Still a smidge too cold to swim, but it worked well as a backdrop for our short stay.

Tupelo prefers to dig in the sand rather than pose on it with me

Recovering from the endless digging


Lakeside Birthday Fun


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