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Sequoia National Park

May 29 – May 30

The Mariposa Sequoia Grove in Yosemite was closed for repair work while we there, so we were excited to get to Sequoia National Park and see some big trees! There were several dispersed camping spots in the forest portion of the park and we were able to set up in a free spot not too far off the main road. When there are no signs and no one else around, we always feel like “Is this ok?”, “Can we park here?”, “How many bears live in the neighborhood?”. It’s weird how much comfort a fire ring made of rocks can bring you. At least one other person has camped there, so it must be OK. There were summer camp buildings kind of close-by, but since it wasn’t quite summer vacation, they were empty. Even if the buildings look cute and normal, an empty summer camp is creepy. The next morning we found some diesel after letting our tank get dangerously low. We also found a 90’s R&B throwback station which carried us through our park driving. Ginuwine’s “Pony” will forever remind me of those majestic giants.

Looking back, I think we were a bit delirious with nature at this point. Everywhere we went inside the park was completely beautiful, but we were excited at the idea of restaurants and laundry. We hitched up and headed south for Los Angeles!

Nothing to see here – just us and a 2,000 year old tree

Would you look at these trees!


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