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Hello, California!

May 7 – May 20

After our Bryce Canyon stay, we headed north. We stopped in a tiny central Utah town for a couple of nights for groceries, internet and laundry. Then, found a very cute city park for a night in Provo. We were getting excited at the prospect of being in California, so we drove straight across Nevada to Lake Tahoe. Sorry, Nevada. Parts of the the drive were really pretty.

It was a long straight drive, so I drove a good portion of it. Typically, Chris does the towing and I do the navigating and campground selecting. Our stopover was in a Wal-mart parking lot. Our very first! We drove the rest of the way the following morning. We were about a week too early for the campgrounds around northern Lake Tahoe. Even though it was early May, a lot of campgrounds weren’t open yet. We found a spot in an RV park in Truckee. The town has a cute main street and is surrounded by beautiful hiking and ski resorts. Our trip happened to overlap with our friend Walker’s weekend trip, so we were able to hang out, meet some of his friends, eat elk burgers. It was lovely. After a few fun days in Truckee, we moved to South Lake Tahoe and stayed at campground across the street from the lake. The campground location was awesome – we could see the lake from from our windows. We did some beautiful hikes close-by (more hiking – this was a very heavy hiking phase). There was still snow on some of the hikes – it was really gorgeous. One of the hikes was around an alpine lake that had adorable cottages you can rent in the summer. It all felt like we were hiking around an alpine lake in Austria. It was still pretty cold there and several days of rain were starting up, so we decided to pack up and head toward Yosemite!

We drove within an hour of the park and stayed in a BLM spot for the night before driving to Yosemite Valley the next morning. We had gotten a little ahead of ourselves because we needed diesel exhaust fluid and cell service, so Chris could be a call that afternoon. The garage in Yosemite Valley was out of the exhaust fluid, so we decided to pause our Yosemite plans and go back to nearest town to regroup. This change of plans was completely seamless.

We needed cell service, hard to find in Yosemite unless you are in the middle of the Valley, where all the campgrounds are booked months in advance. We picked a campground nearby to get caught up on all things internet. This campground selection was a bit of a misstep on my part. We wanted something inexpensive, but you have to move away from Yosemite to lower the price. Somehow I picked something an hour and half away and my navigating took us through a field on a road dedicated for tractors. There were some bumps. Safe to say, the mood was a little strained in the truck upon arrival.

The cell service was terrible, the wifi offered didn’t really work. There were lots of bugs at night that gravitated toward our brightly lit trailer. On the bright side, the campground was run by a super friendly fellow and it had the cutest campground bathroom yet. Due to the lack of good internet, we were unable to wake up in the middle of the night and stream the royal wedding. Its ok, I’m over it… In the end, the campground worked out fine and after our weekend stay we were ready for a Yosemite adventure.

They don’t quite have the hang of picture taking

True Love

Pinecones the size of your head!

Cutest Campground Shower

Not a bad view from our detour campground

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