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West Texas

March 10 – March 26

We began our travels heading west in mid-March. After celebrating the nuptials of Chris’ brother, Cory, and our new sister-in-law, Lindsay, in Wimberley, Texas we had the good fortune of some fun evenings in front of friends’ and families’ houses in Austin. Then, the training wheels came off and we were on our way west to Big Bend National Park. We stayed in a campground in Study Butte complete with an old timey graveyard. The Starlight Cafe in Terlingua was a short drive away and it was the perfect place for post-hike happy hours.

Big Bend is wildly beautiful and after lots of flat driving, it was a welcomed surprise. We did some morning hikes on the Lost Mine and Window Trails. Strolled through Santa Elena Canyon and completed a long hike with a vertical scramble (one of my new hiking terms) to the top of Emory Peak. We were warned about the mountain lions and bears, but thankfully did not cross paths with any. The warnings did not stop me from practicing my bear scaring skills when we heard a rustling in the bushes.

We stopped in Fort Davis for a couple of days and it was way. too. hot. We tried a hike, but the pups kept flopping to the ground and we drank all of our water too fast. We were so tired after our hike that we didn’t even stop to see the largest live rattlesnake exhibit. Filing that under “Regrets”.

The next stop was just down the road in Marfa. We finally Marfa-ed! We were able to spend an entire weekend enjoying the town while parked at the Tumble In RV Park. Delicious dinners at Stellina and Al Campo, a free fireside concert at El Cosmico, Pizza Foundation’s magic pizza. We learned how to make kale its very best self at the The Water Stop – add bacon jam. A celebratory end to a week of hiking in Big Bend. We strolled off our many meals, checking out the cute shops and galleries. Keep your eyes peeled in the pictures for the hat Chris bought at Communitie, a lovely shop with a charming shop owner who had some amazing trip advice for us. Chris also created a new mustachioed-look while in Marfa, but it did not last long.

West Texas was an amazing start to our trip, but we were super excited to put some miles behind us and roll over the New Mexico state line.

Our very hot hike in Fort Davis, home to the largest live rattlesnake exhibit.

Sitting in a tree at Al Campo in Marfa

Hat model

In a field with Fritz