Trip Details

We are hitting the road! After a little over three years of island life in Puerto Rico and five months of renovating a ’73 Airstream in rural Texas, we are going to try out living small and on-the-move. We typically take lots of pictures when traveling, but are the absolute worst when it comes to organizing and sharing. We really want to document this adventure, so we’ll post often and try to keep things interesting!

Our Camper: 1973 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht, 31ft.
We found her on a ranch in Dime Box, Texas in March 2017. We really had no idea what we were looking at, but we knew we liked it. We bought the trailer the same day and stored her until we moved back stateside. Having enlisted the ladies of The Modern Caravan a few months prior, we knew they could update this retro diamond in the rough into a beautiful home for us. After several months of all hands on deck, very focused renovating, she’s still a bit of a work in progress, but here we are…living and traveling in our aluminum dreamboat, Isla.

The Trip
Instead of immediately settling into one place after moving back stateside, we thought we’d give lots of places a try. We love our former city, Austin, but sold our house there a few years ago. We’ve also sold or donated our larger furniture pieces over the years, so tiny, nomadic living seemed like it might suit us. We’ve condensed our belongings and wardrobe down to the essentials and all of the irreplaceable things we couldn’t bear let go of are in a small storage closet in Texas. Our route is not set in stone, we have a general direction in mind, but are open to longer stays and detours. We’ll be working remotely a bit, hiking, exploring and seeing where the road takes us.